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Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine
for Athletes

I have been successfully treating recreational and high school athletes’ endurance and skill on the field or court through acupuncture, massage, herbs and taping. I have helped them prevent injuries, as well as recover more quickly from injuries and surgeries.

Testimonials from athletes who have been treated by Donna Call:

I have been living, working ,and working out on the North Coast for almost 40 years. As a runner, cyclist, and outdoorsman I have had a variety of injuries over the years as well as the aches and pains of just growing older. I still compete on a senior cross country team, and can hold my own in local road races.

I started going to Donna Call about 15 years ago for bodywork, and was immediately impressed not only by her technical abilities, but also by her physical strength which gave her the ability to overcome the resistance my own muscles put up. The end result was bodywork that loosened me up for days after a treatment.

I watched as Donna attended school for traditional Chinese medicine and began to incorporate both acupuncture and herbs into her treatment. I experienced that her excellent treatments were even better than before, and I experienced relief after a serious bike accident left me with nerve damage in one shoulder.

As an older athlete I wholeheartedly recommend becoming a patient of Ms. Call for either a single treatment or ongoing care. You will not be disappointed.

~ An aging athlete.

Donna is extremely reliable, responsible and conscientious. In all of the years I have worked in the health and fitness industry, I can truly say that I have never known anyone quite like her. Through observation and experience it is evident that she is in a class of her own. She is a superior technician who listens carefully and applies her knowledge and expertise with a kind and gentle hand. As a trusted practitioner I appreciate her unconditional dedication and special healing touch. We are fortunate to have her in our community and I recommend her highly.

ML — Fitness Consultant, personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach

A former teacher once told me that I should be willing to share energy when receiving acupuncture from any practitioner. I feel blessed to be able to share of Donna's loving, healing, and nurturing energy. When I work regularly with Donna I feel a balance that is lost if I go too long between sessions...I am particularly amazed at her ability to diagnose what is out of balance and to bring it back into balance. She knows what hurts without being told and she makes it feel better. I feel that my overall health has improved as a result of working with Donna and I am grateful and appreciative of her healing presence in my life! I function better as a mother, gymnast and coach!

As a very active middle age man I put a great demand on both my mind and my body. Working full time as a public school teacher, coaching sports teams, raising children and exercising on a regular basis puts a lot of strain on my muscles, joints and psychological well being. Because of this I go to Donna Call for wellness treatments. For the athlete in me I find that her deep tissue massage and acupressure helps the recovery process of muscle fatigue and aids with injury prevention. Donna also uses trigger point therapy to reduce professional stress that inevitably builds up between sessions. Just recently I had received my first ever acupuncture treatment from Donna and was surprised that I not only seemed to have more muscle flexibility but the energy during my runs for the next few days was at a noticeably higher level. I highly recommend the healing and injury prevention treatment of Donna Call not only for the busy professional but also for athletes and non-athletes of any age. I highly recommend Donna’s expertise to everyone who is interested in improving his or her overall health.

As an avid albeit aging amateur athlete, I’ve learned the importance of staying in shape. Playing hardball at a high level (World Champions 2007 and 2008!) on a team comprised primarily of former professional baseball players, including 3 ex-major leaguers, requires a real commitment at age 60.

I have been receiving frequent treatments from Donna Call for more than eight years: initially stretching and massage, more recently acupuncture. As a result my flexibility has greatly improved and my overall health has been excellent. As a matter of fact, I have not missed a single game due to injury since I started the treatments.

Donna’s knowledge of both Oriental and Western medicine and her many years of experience with a wide range of treatments gives her a broad perspective from which to evaluate the needs of her clients. Her caring and nurturing personality are ideally suited to a practitioner of the healing arts. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any serious athlete or “weekend warrior.”

~ Dragons centerfielder

Donna M. Call, L.Ac DAOM
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