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Typical first session in the office varies. To best treat you, we must discuss your health history and concerns. You fill out an intake form. I ask you questions to assess your health status and goals, to come up with a treatment plan, to determine the course of your initial treatment and follow-up visits. This process begins during the first visit, and unfolds over time during your subsequent visits. Payment is expected at the time of service. For a complete list of all my services please see Donna’s massage site.

Office visit rates, depending on procedures used, without an acupuncture benefit through a health insurance plan, to receive comprehensive, holistic care from me to enhance your health based on your health history, current health status, and current concerns are approximately:

Fort Bragg . . . . $50/per - 30 minutes

Elk . . . . . . . $40/per - 30 minutes

St. Orres . . . . . $60/per - 30 minutes

Established patients can drop in for just acupuncture only for $30-$60.

I can treat you in small groups in a semi-private "community-style" setting in your home, or my office, at low rates of $20-$40 per person.

Please note that California law allows for a slightly higher insurance rate system than cash only patients. If you'd like me to pursue insurance reimbursement for you, we can. Health insurance will never pay 100% of the charges billed, but may reimburse enough to drop your payment to below the cash rate. You will, in any event, be reponsible for the full amount billed to your insurance company, until we establish that acupuncture is a reimbursible benefit of your plan.

I make every effort to be as concise and efficient with your session while providing you with personalized acupuncture care. Charges for herbal medicine are in addition to the office rates. If you have insurance that reimburses for acupuncture, payment from you is still expected, and I will give you a superbill for your insurance company so that you will be reimbursed to the degree that your insurance company allows. This is based on your relationship with them. If we establish that you have the kind of insurance that will pay for your acupuncture care directly to me, then I will charge them for your subsequent visits.

On a limited basis, and subject to availability, I have a Hardship Agreement for those patients who cannot receive care based on the cost. Please inquire if this is your case.

Many health concerns have taken time to arise, and will take time to resolve. If we find this is the case for you, and you schedule a series of treatments in advance to conscientiously address your concern, you may be eligible for a frequency discount.


Office hours are by appointment:

Office Hours available every day by appointment except Tuesdays and Wednesdays at one of four possible locations: Anchor Bay, Greenwood Ridge, Fort Bragg, or your home.

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