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Mendocino Acupuncture
Traditional Chinese Medicine from Donna Call

Welcome to my site! I hope it is as informative and comfortable to you as a visit to my office would be. Currently, I have three offices—one in Gualala, one in Fort Bragg, and one at my home on Greenwood Ridge. I also make house calls, particularly in Elk or further south, when this makes the most sense based on both of our schedules.donna call acupuncture

I have been practicing acupuncture on the Mendocino coast since January, 2007. Before that I practiced massage and acupressure since 1995 in this area, though I have been a massage therapist since 1980. Hence, a visit to me often includes some bodywork—either Western or Eastern, and I have lots of experience in treating people who play sports or have active lives, helping you to stay healthy and prevent injury. In fact, my favorite aspect of using Chinese Medicine is helping you learn how to prevent disease—to feel more youthful and to have lots of energy for the things you love to do. I often can perceive when lifestyle or dietary changes will help you maintain or regain the freedom from disease that you are seeking. I use acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition, and massage to help you improve your health.

I received training and a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland. I commuted there and back, at first twice weekly, and then for three day stay-overs. It was a very demanding four year program condensed into three years, with a minimum base of two years of previous college work in the arts and sciences. I completed the MSTCM while raising a family of four children with my husband in Elk. In 2011, after two more years of study, internship, and research, I completed a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, earning the title of doctor, conforming with the California Code of Regulations, Title 16, Section 1399.456! I specialize in pain management and women's health. I am very good at multi-tasking, but when I am with you, you will have my complete attention—even when I have more than one treatment room going in my offices! I maintained the endurance and stamina that I needed to complete the TCM program, as well as to pass both state and national licensing exams, through implementing the medicine that I now offer to you. Your care from me continues even after the session ends because I will be thinking of ways to help you, either through herbs, nutrition, or lifestyle recommendations, and I will contact you periodically to see how you are doing and with any information that I think will be helpful to you improving your health. You are welcome to call me with any questions you might have following your treatment, to better understand how Chinese Medicine helps you.

Please relax and slow down when you come to see me. An initial visit can take between one and two hours, and follow-up visits are between 1 and 1-½ hours. If you have insurance, I will explain to you how to check to see if acupuncture is a covered benefit, and I will diagnose and treat to the highest level of specificity to get you the maximum reimbursement. You will be responsible for payment to me at time of services, but I will give you a "superbill" to submit to your insurance company so that they can reimburse you based on your agreement with them.

mendocino acupuncture
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